The Studio

My studio in the Old Port

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My Role at Portland Youth Dance

I am thrilled to have taken on the role of President at Portland Youth Dance (PYD). The organization fosters artistic growth and creative excellence in dance for youth between the ages of 10-18. The company dancers are not only trained in dance technique and performance, but also in leadership, cultural diversity, and community service outreach....

A stigmatism or astigmatism?

How many times have you explained to someone that you have astigmatism, and they reply, “What is that?” So you begin to explain, but then realize you’re not sure what it means (even though you’ve looked it up before, several times) and to top it off, you’re not even sure if you’re saying it right?...

Indoor Recess

A short story in the memoir genre. I am greeted by identical twin girls gleefully running up to me in their matching red sweaters and long golden pigtails. Wow, they are so nice. And it’s so cool that they look alike. They seem a little juvenile for running in public like that, but nonetheless, I...